In 2014  Peterson Refrigeration purchased a 15,000 sq foot warehouse on Pennsylvania Ave.   Then in 2017, added on another 10,000 sq foot addition to this facility. This warehouse serves as the staging site for refurbished refrigeration equipment for supermarkets and restaurants.  

This facility enables us to provide high quality reconditioned equipment at a lower price than new equipment.  Our inventory includes a complete line of used supermarket  and convenience store cases ranging from frozen doors to produce, dairy, meat and deli.

The cases go through a reconditioning process where they are stripped down , all parts are checked and repaired orreplaced, and then are sanded and repainted to match the customer's preference.   This allows us to provide significant savings to the retailers when they are remodeling a store or are in need of more equipment.

We provide complete service for delivery of reconditioned refrigeration cases:  

Our fleet of commercial trucks includes:

  • Tractor trailer

  • Rollback

  • Box trucks

  • Open trailers

  • Variety of 48-53' enclosed trailers

  • 65' articulating manlift

  • 45' articulating manlift

  • Several scissor lifts