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Unique Unico System have been featured on the PBS program This Old House.

One unique option is the Unico System, designed specifically for older homes. Featured on PBS’ This Old House, this system offers an alternative, non-intrusive method to install centralized air conditioning into an existing multi-level home.

The Unico System works well in homes with steam heat, electric baseboard heat, ceiling cable electric heat, and homes with no ductwork.

Five advantages to the Unico system include:

  • Requires little or no remodeling
  • Fits any décor
  • Draft free
  • Quiet
  • Removes more moisture

Small round airflow vents are barely noticeable and the ductwork is permanent, flexible tubing installed along attic or dead space in an existing house. The number of vents needed depends on the size of a home, the insulation in the wall and floors, the type of windows and glass, and the home’s orientation to the sun. The installation process generally takes three days. As much as 30% of Triangle Heating and Air Conditioning’s existing home business is the sale and installation of the Unico System.

To learn more about this versatile home system, click here.

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